MAT4MOVE - MAT for Vision Double-Take MOVE Announced!

Hello migration friends!  I just wanted to publish a quick congratulations to Vision Double-Take for publishing the blog post below that includes an implementation of MAT for MOVE.  Thanks to the engineers at Vision working on Double-Take, MOVE was already manageable using PowerShell.  Adopting the MAT scripts further extends the community concept so anyone who is familiar with using MAT can now evaluate even more options for the engine under the hood.

The advantage when looking at MOVE is the replication model which achieves “near-zero downtime” migrations.  This simplifies the device discover/restore process as well.  MOVE also supports migration to Azure and again due to background replication, they can move VMs to the cloud with very little downtime.  Very cool stuff and worth taking a look.


You can find more information at the URL below.

Migration Automation Toolkit (MAT) for Double-Take Move: Easy Migrations to Hyper-V

Thanks and stay tuned to Building Clouds!