MAT4Shift 1.6.2 Update

We have published an update for MAT4Shift.  While this is a minor script change, we view the update as critical and would encourage everyone to discontinue use of 1.6.1.  This work came directly from community feedback, so thank you to everyone who is testing and using MAT, and sending information about their experiences.


There are two items addressed in this update:

1) A potential bug was identified that could lead to loss of a source VM during a failed conversion.  This problem can occur if the VMware Snapshot fails with a terminating error.  In almost a full year of testing and production usage, and well over 1000 virtual machines migrated, this has occurred exactly once.  However the mere existence of a potential data loss scenario is not to be taken lightly.  It is highly recommended that any existing MAT4Shift installation be updated to 1.6.2 immediately.  For those of you who have extended and customized MAT, note the code changes are contained in the Restore-MATVM function.

2) The community has encountered a few scenarios where it is impossible to communicate from the hypervisor to the guest VM on VMware.  To facilitate any such scenario, an “Offline” switch is now available.  When this is invoked a script is generated per VM that will handle all operations that would normally occur inside the VM in an out of band execution.  The script could be executed in any number of methods including PSEXEC or manually via Remote Desktop.  The process will wait for the VM to shutdown and then resume.  While we do not anticipate this being the “normal” case it was escalated as an ask that was important for some members of the community.