Migration Automation Toolkit next steps

Over the last few years our team has had the opportunity to work on multiple VMware to Hyper-V migration toolkits.  These community contributions were not “supported” other than being supplements to supported tools and authored in PowerShell.  Any time you create an example or quick-start type solution the best you can hope for is that others will take the concept and expand upon it, creating new scenarios and functionality.

You might have noticed that MAT4MVMC2 aligned strictly with the functionality in MVMC2.  This was an intentional step and a recognition that the demand for this type of solution has outgrown the scope of what a “toolkit” should provide.  We are seeing large scale migrations that deserve greater attention.  MVMC has the proper investment so if someone needs assistance and calls support, there are people and process in place to respond.

Going forward, MAT (Migration Automation Toolkit) will be authored by the Microsoft Consulting Services Worldwide Center of Excellence.  MAT will be made available both as services engagements with Microsoft and to Microsoft Partners via the Microsoft Practice Accelerator program.  Additionally, MVMC future versions will include some of the functionality originally found in MAT and automation examples in the packaged download.  In combination, this provides a support path through an official product channel and formal services programs for assistance with large or complex migrations.

A good representation of this process at work is the Xtreme VM Migrator from Xtreme Consulting Group, Inc, which is built on top of MAT and extends the functionality.  This means the software includes additional capabilities and there is a first class partner to assist with complicated migration questions on site.


If you are a Microsoft Partner and are looking for updated versions of MAT to support your business, you can log on to the Microsoft Partner Network site for more information.


It is exciting to see a concept that started here on the Building Clouds Blog build demand and earn a life of its own.  Thank you, and Stay Tuned to Building Clouds!