TechEd 2013-Jamal Malik Presents on Envisioning The Modern Datacenter

imageDo you remember the first TechEd you went to? I do. It was in New Orleans and I was invited to present onCloud and Datacenter Solutions Hub ISA Server 2000. I had done a lot of teaching and training before that event, but never spoke to a crowd that large. I figured that there would be about 50 people at my session, which would be a large classroom size. I figured that probably no one knew me, so there weren’t going to be a lot of people there.

Little did I know that a *lot* of people bought my ISA Server 2000 book and even more people used on a daily basis! The room was packed with over 400 people and people were standing in the aisles! That had to be the most exciting and anxiety provoking experiences of my life. But it was a great introduction to the electricity that most of us feel whenever we go to TechEd.


This year I’ll be presenting again -  but I’m not here today to promote my talk. Instead I want to let you know about another presentation that I think you’re really going to like. Why? Because its going to contain a ton of information that you’ll be able to take back to work and put to use as you architect and design your new cloud integrated datacenter. The presenter is Jamal Malik.

imageJamal has 14 years of IT experience most of which was spent supporting the United States Department of Defense. In 2003 he traveled to Iraq as a civilian assisting the United States government to setup and deploy datacenters. He has traveled and worked in almost every hot zone that the US military has occupied including Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Jamal joined Microsoft in 2008 as an IT Architecture and Planning consultant assisting large government organizations with long term IT strategy and planning. Today Jamal is one of three Business Solution Architects for Microsoft's Datacenter and Private Cloud Center of Excellence (COE). He works with business executives and build programs and solutions that help organizations execute against their strategic business goals and imperatives.



Envisioning the Modern Datacenter (ATC-B207)

Presenter: Jamal Malik

Duration: 75 mins

Format: Breakout session

Venues: TechEd 2013 North America and TechEd 2013 Europe (TEEU session information will be updated when available)

Are you struggling to keep critical services running in your Datacenter in accordance to agreed upon SLAs? Are you finding it difficult to control and manage various and heterogeneous environments and keep them from growing out of control? If so, how would you like to learn how Microsoft manages its own Datacenter which host over 400 services accessed by millions of customers daily? Join Jamal Malik (Business Solutions Architect) from Microsoft's World Wide Datacenter and Private Cloud Center of Excellence as he discusses how Microsoft approached running some of the largest Datacenters in the World. He covers the principles that govern the management and operations of these Datacenters and how these learnings drive innovations within the Microsoft System Center family of products. Now is the time to rethink your approach to managing Datacenters to leverage the capabilities that not only enhance IT Service Management but Infrastructure Deployment and Application Management as well.

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