TechEd 2013–The Road to TechEd with End to Edge and Beyond

Dr. Tom ShinderYuri Diogenes and I have been working behind the scenes for the last six months to find the best presentations possible for the TechEd 2013 Architecture (ARC) track. We’ve been lucky to suffer from an embarrassment of riches, as there were so many good presentations to choose from that we didn’t have much trouble finding stuff that you’d be interested in.

To see the presentations in the Architecture Track for North America, go HERE.

                 To see the presentations in the Architecture Track for Europe, go HERE.

ARC Track Twitter Army!

Note that this year the Architecture Track is mixed with the Trustworthy Computing track. You’ll know which ones are the ARC track sessions because they won’t be security related. Of course, the Trustworthy Computing track also has a lot of great presentations too, so take a look at those too.Yuri Diogenes

On another note, the End to Edge and Beyond team will be busy at TechEd. Not only will we be managing the Architecture Track, we’ll also be interviewing many of the luminaries that you go to TechEd to see. Mark Russinovich, Paula Januszkiewicz, Any Malone are on tap and we’re sure many more will be interviewed. We’ll share those interviews with you here and on the End to Edge and Beyond blog.

In the latest episode of End to Edge and Beyond, Yuri Diogenes and I provided some updates about what we’re working on these days, new projects we have in the pipeline and some fun information about TechEd North America 2013. We also had the chance to interview John Morello, from Microsoft Consulting Services and also a Speaker for the Architecture track where he will be delivering two presentations. John will give an overview of both sessions that he will be delivering at TechEd North America 2013 in New Orleans.




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