ProClarity Web Standard Behavior: My Views Don't Show Up After Being Saved

Issues resolved by increasing IIS 6 Metabase Property “AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed”

The behavior that takes place due to the value for this IIS metabase property being too low are varied and do not point to IIS as being the culprit. If you have seen any of these issues, even intermittently, you may want to test your ProClarity Analytics Server after increasing the value for the “AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed” property in the IIS metabase to see if the increase resolves your issue. These issues will only occur within the ProClarity Web Standard client:

1. ProClarity Web Standard users My View does not show up after being saved.

2. When there are many members in a slicer dropdown, Internet Explorer displays a message stating that the page cannot be refreshed.

3. Request object error ‘ASP 0104’:80004005.

4. ProClarity Web Standard users are not able to use slicers or cross drill.

5. Changing a ProClarity Web Standard view has no effect, the view is unchanged.

6. The ProClarity Web Standard client may become unresponsive.

7. A message stating “Your request could not be completed” may be received in the ProClarity Web Standard when attempting to render a published view.

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