Bug of the Week

In recognition and appreciation for helping make Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey) an even better product, today we’re kicking off the first Bug of the Week Award! Keep the awesome feedback coming and you too may be a winner.

This weeks Bug of the Week “Eagle Eye” Award goes to MSDN Product Feedback Center user “Ben Monroe” for the bug he posted: GUI control position information is not updated when changed by keyboard.


How we select the Bug of the Week

Bugs will be selected using a variety of criteria. The following are examples of themes we’ll be using. We'll be adding to this list undoubtedly...


Most Votes

At the time of selection, this bug has the most votes of all the bugs in the database.


Most Popular

At the time of selection, this bug has the highest average vote value and has the most votes in the database. Only bugs with more then three votes considered.

“Eagle Eye” Bug

This award is for the bug that is easy to overlook, generally a fit and finish UI bug like “the alignment of this button is off by 1 pixel”.

Longest Repro

This award is for the bug with the most number of steps needed to reproduce the issue.

“Microsoft Blooper” Bug

This award is for Microsoft’s most embarrassing bugs, issues identified by customers that should have never made their way out the door in the first place.


Award recipients will receive a personalized certificate signed by members of the Visual Studio team plus a few items from the Microsoft goodie vault.



Marie Hagman

Visual Studio

Program Manager