Motley says: “Kinect is where he’s at”

Motley: Man, I have not seen that James guy around in months. I think he must have left us.

Maven: No, don’t give up hope. It’s true he hasn’t been too active here, but he’s got a side gig.

Motley: Side gig? Eavesdropping on us and reiterating our conversations to the world is not enough of a job for him?

Maven: From what I hear, he’s been working to change the world on something called “Project Natal”. Something to do with the Xbox.

Motley: Ah, I saw the announcement of that product today. It’s no longer called “Natal” but now called “Kinect”. That is some really cool technology! You stand up in front of a camera and interact with an Xbox using nothing but your body. Truly ground-breaking.

Maven: Cool! Can’t wait to play with that. When is it supposed to be out?

Motley: November 2010. Just in time for Santa to bring me one for Christmas.

Maven: Um, as long as you are a good boy, and that is always questionable.

Motley: Enough, wise guy. Anyway, I am sure he’ll be back when the pressure is off building that thing. It is some complicated machinery I am sure. Can’t wait to see him again so he can fill us in on all the details of Kinect.


James' Pointer: Yes, it’s true – I joined the Xbox team at Microsoft in November 2009, and that’s when things went a bit quiet around here. I just haven’t had the time for many tech extra curricular activities. I am hoping that will change in the next couple of months.


In the meantime, check out the truly awesome Kinect product that will be out for this holiday season. It is an add-on camera for your Xbox 360 that brings a groundbreaking natural user interface paradigm to our living room. Just get up and start moving.