Project 2010 SP1 – Timephased Support for Manually Scheduled Tasks

In Project 2010 we introduced a new concept called “User-Controlled Scheduling” which is a collection of features designed to give you more control over how tasks are scheduled. Project’s powerful scheduling engine is still there if you want to use it but you also have the flexibility to override it. Click here for the original post.

One of the key features in User-Controlled Scheduling is manually scheduled tasks. These tasks, just as the name implies, are not affected by the scheduling engine and they will only move if you manually update them. This gives you more control over your schedule but one of the areas you didn’t have control was editing timephased data for them. For example, you couldn’t edit work values in the Task Usage view or report timephased data in task statusing for manually scheduled tasks.

Based on your feedback, with Project 2010 SP1 you can now edit timephased data for manually scheduled tasks on the Project Client and Project Server.

Prior to SP1, the circled areas are read-only for manually scheduled tasks:



With SP1, you can now edit the timephased values for Manually Scheduled tasks just like you can for Auto Scheduled tasks. This is being demonstrated in the My Work view on Project Server and Task Usage view in the Project client:



Key Takeaways:

Project Server – If you are using timephased tracking (Hours of work done per period) in My Work or Single Entry Mode (a setting on Timesheets), all tasks can be tracked this way, not just auto scheduled tasks.

Project Client – You can edit work contours for all tasks now.

You can learn more about Project 2010 SP1 here.