ProjTool for Project Server 2010

Note: For the updated article, see Using the ProjTool Test Application in Project Server 2010 in the Project 2010 SDK. The attached file includes the ProjTool application and the complete Visual Studio 2010 solution.

The ProjTool test application was introduced in the Microsoft Office Project 2007 SDK. Many developers found it useful for creating, examining, and changing data by using the PSI on a test installation of Project Server, and checking actions by impersonating users on a test server. The 2007 release of ProjTool does not work correctly with Project Server 2010.

ProjTool was originally developed by many different testers on the Project team. In the SDK release, the internal test code has been removed. The download that is attached to this post includes an update of ProjTool for Project Server 2010, along with a draft document on how to use ProjTool. The article and source code will be included in a future update of the Project 2010 SDK.

The updated ProjTool uses the .NET Framework 3.5; all calls to PSI methods use WCF instead of the ASMX interface. ProjTool now works for Windows authentication, Forms authentication,  multi-authentication (both Windows and Forms on the same Project Web App port address), and impersonation on Project Server 2010.

Here is an example screenshot from ProjTool, which shows part of the AssignmentDataTable in the ProjectDataSet for one project, after the user has changed the value of the ASSN_PCT_WORK_COMPLETE field in an assignment. When Update Project is clicked, ProjTool shows fields in all of the datatables that have changed as a result.