Recently updated Project 2010 Solution Starters

Few months ago we have announced releasing of the Solution Starters for Project 2010 . We are still committed to continue evolving them - and we will showcase many of them in the future version of our wonderful Project 2010 Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Image.

We have not only released the source code and the deployable package, but also number of WebCasts that introduce the functionality, but also conduct deep dive into the code.

You can find many of the solution starters in the following location -

Go ahead to check them out - if you encounter an issue or have a question, please post the issue or question into the related Discussions library and we will follow-up shortly. 


What's new?

  • Bulk Import Tool - made to ease migration of data from Project Portfolio Server 2007, now enables to update existing project data with new data from PPS. For more information about PPS 2007 migration - please visit Upgrade and Migration Center on Microsoft TechNet.
  • Workflow Visualization Web Part  - we had this Web Part for some time, however we updated it with a newer version that mimics to certain extent the workflow visualization you know from our Project 2010 Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Image. It's very smart as it builds the whole workflow visualization dynamically based on the pictures you provide and highlights the current workflow stage.
  •  Report Builder Tool - now pulls down some more project workflow related-data.

Thanks to all who work hard on this - including Sam and ICC!