September update of the Project 2010 SDK

The September 2010 update of the Project 2010 SDK download and the MSDN online release are both published.

They have the same URLs as previous releases:


· SDK Online:

· SDK Download:

· Project Developer Center  

What's New in the conceptual and how-to topics:

Following are the major new and updated topics in the Project 2010 SDK, since the RTM release. There were a series of changes related to ASMX web services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services, and claims authentication since the beta release. The Project 2010 SDK in the MSDN online library was updated in July; the last update of the SDK download was in May. They are in sync again.


Updates of RTM topics:

· Using Formulas and Graphical Indicators with Custom Fields

· Creating Lookup Tables and Enterprise Custom Fields

· Custom Fields and the Reporting Database

· Overview of WCF and the PSI

· Walkthrough: Developing PSI Applications Using WCF

· How to: Use Impersonation with WCF

· Prerequisites for WCF-Based Code Samples

· Developing Project Server Workflows

o How to: Install and Test a Project Server Workflow

o How to: Deploy a Project Server Workflow

· Project Server Error Codes now includes a WCF-based code example for getting a list of errors.

New conceptual and how-to topics:

· Developing PSI Extensions

o Creating a PSI Extension for Project Server 2010

o How to: Create a PSI Extension to Read Custom Fields in the RDB

· Developing Project Server Web Parts

o Walkthrough: Creating a Project Server Web Part with a JS Grid


In addition, the Class Library and Web Service reference for the PSI has many updated type and member descriptions, and several new code samples for PSI methods.


What’s New in the Project 2010 SDK download:

· pj14SDK.chm is an HTML Help file that includes the same updated content that is online.

· WINPROJ.DEV.hxs is an update of VBA Help that includes the latest changes in the VBA object model documentation. There are also instructions for replacing the VBA Help file shipped with the Project RTM release.

· Managed code reference samples contains WCF-based solutions for code samples in the managed code reference for the following methods: QueueCreateProject, ReadCustomFields2, and ReadLookupTables. The solutions also use the WriteFaultOutput method for listing errors, which is described in the Project Server Error Codes topic.

· Multi-authentication samples includes the ASMX- and WCF-based solutions for multi-authentication, which are described in the Prerequisites for ASMX-Based Code Samples and Prerequisites for WCF-Based Code Samples topics .

· Project Guide Add-in shows how to use Project Guide files in Project 2010, with a custom ribbon tab. The sample code uses Office development tools in Visual Studio 2010.

· PSI Extensions includes the Hello solution described in Creating a PSI Extension for Project Server 2010 and the ListProjects solution described in How to: Create a PSI Extension to Read Custom Fields in the RDB.

· Web Parts includes two related Web Part solutions:

o ListProjects is described in Walkthrough: Creating a Project Server Web Part with a JS Grid.

o ListProjects_Sorting extends the ListProjects solution to implement column sorting in the JS Grid control.