ANOUNCING: Project Portfolio Server 2007 migration documentation to Project Server 2010 just released!

Few weeks ago we have announced the ultimate Upgrade and Migration Resources to Project 2010 and we promised more on the Project Portfolio Server 2007 Migration in July 2010. Well – here it is!

The comprehensive Project Portfolio Server 2007 Migration Guide.




Q: What is the overall approach for migrating Project Portfolio Server 2007 to Project Server 2010?

A: The attached document highlights three approaches – Process only migration, Process and data migration and Coexistence (no migration). Please study the document and assess what approach is the most suitable for you.


Q: Are there any tools I can use for this process?

A: By all means – we have produced number of solution starters that will make it easier for you to migrate the process and the data – the document has the details.


Q: I heard about some deprecations from the Project Portfolio Server 2007, could you be more specific?

A: In Project 2010 we have unified the two server products from 2007 release into single one – this brings many benefits for end-users, IT professionals and developers. We have also introduced new functionality in the Portfolio Analytics that will help you identify resourcing issues in your ideal portfolio. If you will miss something – be advised that Project Server 2010 is built on the powerful and extensible platform of SharePoint Server 2010. We have released number of solution starters that will help you get started quickly implementing the desired business process on Project 2010. You can also consider 3rd party solutions if you implementing partner does not have a solution already. But again the document has more information.

Additional Resources

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