Implementing Governance in SharePoint 2010 whitepaper

Great new asset you shall read and leverage as part of your Project Server 2010 farm deployment:


SharePoint 2010 provides a rich set of capabilities that empower business users. For example, Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 enables users to collaborate with each other, tag and rate content, self-publish, and even develop their own solutions. These new capabilities require clear guidance to both underscore their benefits and realize their potential while maintaining a level of consistency and control within an organization.

Overview Backup Branding
Farm Controls Central Administration Themes
Service Accounts Scripted Backup Master Pages
SharePoint Managed Accounts SQL Server Database Site Controls
Password Management Web Application Controls Security and Permissions
Changing Accounts Content Database Management Access Requests
Diagnostic Logging Supported / Blocked File Types Quotas
Event Throttling Security Policies Storage Limit Quotas
Correlation IDs Resource Throttling Resource Limit Quotas
Event Log Flood Protection Application Pools Resource Throttling
Trace Logging Security Lifecycle Management
Usage Data and Health Data Collection Reliability Site Deletion
Web Analytics Solutions and Features Archiving / Site Backup and Restore
Traffic Farm Solution Auditing
Search Sandboxed Solutions Provisioning and Self Service Site Creation
Inventory Search Secondary Owner
Health Analyzer Index file location Managed Paths
Timer Jobs Content Sources Multi-Tenancy
Releases and Upgrades Customization Conclusion
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