Server-Side Calculation of Custom Field Formulas

So I have a PSI application that pulls data from Oracle Financials and correlates it to specific projects in Project Server. using a key field it brings over 6 fields and writes it to 6 Project level Enterprise Number fields. It updates the fields and then calls QueueUpdateProject which should trigger a recalculation of custom field formulas. I also have several custom fields that use the original 6 fields in their formulas.

My problem is that the fields with formulas were not getting updated. If I opened the project into Project Professional then they calculated just fine.

It turns out that there is a problem with the calculation ‘engine’ in Project Server that causes it to stop recalculating these formulas if any one of them returns an error. In my case the error was caused by this formula: [Capital Actuals]/[Capital Plan] because for some of the projects the Capital Plan field was 0.

The solution is to make sure your formulas cannot return such an error. In my case it was changing the formula to this:
IIF([Capital Plan]>0, [Capital Actuals]/[Capital Plan], 0)

Similar issues can possibly be caused by a formula like [Field A]+[Field B] if either A or B have been deleted.

So if any of you are having issues where your field formulas are not refreshing properly go and check all your formulas and see if any of them are returning errors.


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