Retro tool with still current uses

Hello all,

Here is a fun tidbit from that was designed for Project Server 2007 but still has uses in 2010 and 2013. This little app is great for doing a pseudo live representation of the items running in your queue. In fact, one of my customers used multiple instances of this app in the past to monitor multiple PWA instances at once, as well as use it for reporting metrics to a certain effect.

Project Server 2007 Queue Watch -

Below is a screen shot of the type of data the tool returns.

My particular environment you can see is unused for the most part. However you can easily see how you can scrape some data in the project server usage and gather statistics on your environment aside from the normal monitoring that you can do.

By default the polling on the tool is set for 10 second intervals but you can modify this setting as well as add and remove column data and add/remove different queue job row categories as well. Definitely a useful tool in your arsenal.