Project Siena: Bridging the Gap Between Microsoft Sellers and Their Customers

Today we've invited Microsoft Partner Aditi Technologies to share their experiences with Project Siena.


Project Siena, since its release in Beta, has provided great opportunities not just for those who wish to be able to develop a modern mobile app without the need to know how to code, but is also proving to be a useful solution for sales teams in their engagements with customers.  The ability to demonstrate the functionality of an app in real time, while simultaneously appealing to the customer by using their assets and branding, is proving insofar to be an invaluable tool in the sales process.

Aditi is pleased to be assisting Microsoft in these conversations by producing customized client-focused apps serving multiple industries and verticals.  Our goal with Siena is to share a vision, to understand a need, and provide a solution for that need.  

To facilitate this process, the Aditi team attended a two-day Project Siena workshop hosted by Microsoft in which a team of ten team members comprised of developers, designers, project managers and marketers learned how to build an app in Siena from start to finish.  They learned not only how easy building an app can be, but also became aware of the unlimited potential harnessed within Siena.

With this training as a foundation, the Aditi team now had tools for not only how to build engaging, visually compelling apps, but also how to draw up concepts and a whole host of ideas for brainstorming.

Transforming Sales Conversations

In the time since the Aditi team built their first apps in the Siena workshop, they have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to conceive and build several prototype-level apps.  The ability to work with new teams and their customers has introduced a variety of new possibilities within Siena app development, and has given the team a chance to fully explore just what can be accomplished within Siena.

To date, we have been able to work within the following industries:

  • Healthcare:  Based upon the needs of the OEM client, the Aditi team was able to draw up concepts for three applications that can be utilized in a medical office environment, easing communications between medical staff and their patients.  Some of the features of Siena that have been integral to these concepts include image capture, annotation, search functionality, data entry, form submission, and signature verification.
  • Education:  In working closely with the needs of the Microsoft sales teams, Aditi developed a "Student Portal" application which not only allows a student to track their courses, instructors, and academic progress, but also incorporates social media APIs such as Twitter, enabling them to view their Twitter feed, compose Tweets, and keep track of their social calendar.

Because Siena is so user-friendly (anyone with Excel and PowerPoint-level skills can build an app) all you need is an idea, a spark of creativity, and a few hours to build a visually compelling app in Siena.