Name Your Dream Assignment Winners


Name Your Dream Assignment Winner Announced

by Amy Sorokas /


I am not very good at suspense so..., the 2009 Name Your Dream Assignment winners are... the Shutter Sisters - specifically Jen Lemen and Stephanie Roberts with their assignment “Picture Hope”.


The Name Your Dream Assignment contest awards Jen and Stephanie $50,000 to bring their winning dream assignment entry to life.  The concept of the contest was for photographers of all backgrounds to submit their most creative, inspiring, and compelling "dream photo shoot".  All entries were voted on by the public with the top proposals then reviewed by a panel of judges to determine the winner. 


Jen Lemen Stephanie Roberts

The Shutter Sisters: Jen Lemen & Stephanie Roberts 


The Shutter Sisters - "Picture Hope"

The Shutter Sisters “Picture Hope” project will be an inspirational journey tracing the path of people who found hope in different places and circumstances.  The project will provide images that capture the feeling of hope and can be shared with the world.  As the entry describes;


“At each new destination, we will introduce you to a person who has become for us a living icon of hope. We'll then invite you to respond with geo-tagged finds from your own lens as together we excavate hope wherever we live, wherever we go. This body of images and video will become a visual catalog for our hopeful world.”



I am looking forward to seeing the Shutter Sisters’ project come to life and following their journey meeting and sharing the experiences of their inspirational subjects. 

In the meantime, check out the Shutter Sisters’ ‘One Word Project’ for the month - April is Hope - for the images that are already inspiring hope on their site. 



Additional winning entries won a Lenovo ThinkPad W700’s

The World in a Bubble

The Travelling Poet Project  


All top 20 finalists (really 23 since there were some ties in the popular vote) will receive special recognition and a copy of Microsoft Expression Media 2.


I will continue to check in with the winners and keep you updated on their progress. 


Congratulations to all the finalists and thanks for dreaming big!




Name Your Dream Assignment


Shutter Sisters    Picture Hope

The World in a Bubble

The Travelling Poet Project

Expression Media 2


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