The Shutter Sisters Prepare for the Launch of Picture Hope


by Amy Sorokas /


The winners of Name Your Dream Assignment are getting ready to embark on the next phase of their incredible project, Picture Hope. Jen Lemen is currently in Rwanda scouting the stories that the Shutter Sisters will attempt to capture and share when she and Stephanie Roberts begin the project in August.




Jen sent back an amazing note about the challenges the work raises around storytelling from both the perspective of the tellers and the catchers. How can you ensure there is value for both parties? And how can you capture the real story? It is a tough challenge for any photographer to tell the real story and Project Hope is a very ambitious set of stories to tell. It requires a certain dedication to the story that is both thoughtful and creative and the Shutter Sisters seem to have just that.


I agree with the many comments on Jen’s post that Jen and Stephanie are the women for the job. I personally cannot wait to see what story they do tell. Good luck!



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