GAL Segmentation or Segregation in Exchange Server 2010...

Microsoft has officially released a statement on the support of GAL Segregation or Segmentation (however you want to call it) for Exchange Server 2010. I think many people has been waiting for this capability since the release of Exchange Server 2010. Some has even gone ahead and done it but as most of you know, it isn't supported in Exchange Server 2010 at it's current form.

When we released SP1, we brought in multi-tenant mode but obviously as most of you know, that's primarily geared towards hosters. If you are someone who do not wish to do commercial hosting but you want some form of GAL segmentation, you are out of luck in Exchange Server 2010, at least, until they release SP2.

So, what does that mean, it means you have to wait if you want GAL Segmentation in Exchange Server 2010.