Tip: How do I instruct HMOabUpdate to update all the Offline Address Books in my HMC environment?

Most of you know HMC does not rely on the usual Exchange OAB generation schedule to trigger OABgen. Instead, HMC introduces a custom tool called HMOabUpdate that gets activated based a scheduled time to automate the generation of Offline Address Books. The tool will detected the changes since the last run and will only trigger OABgen on the OABs that requires updates.

HmOABUpdate or sometimes called the HEOabUpdate as well is really a simple tool. What it does in each run is to retrieve the last start and complete date and time and then based on those information, it will then retrieve from the HMC database to find out which organizations' OABs need update and will trigger the OABgen for those OABs accordingly.

So, this is how you can instruct HMOabUpdate to update the offline address books for all the OABs known by the HMC environment.

· Go to the server where you install HMOabUpdate (usually it is on one of the MPS engines)

· Start up RegEdit

· Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Provisioning\HmOABUpdate

· You should find 2 keys in that, LastCompleteDate and LastStartDate.

· Edit the value to a date that is like before you install the HMC environment, something like 01/01/2000 for both of the keys.

· Then kick start the HmOABUpdate by either starting it from your scheduled tasks or manually running the HmOabUpdate.exe from the cmd line in the directory, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Hosting\Provisioning\Exchange OAB Update.

Of course, you don't always have to modify the date so far back. You can always change it to something like 2-3 days ago if you want to just update OABs again for those changes made 2-3 days ago.

 Hope you find this useful.