Follow-up to PASS 2006

How does anyone keep up with blog posts<g>? I myself have actually been travelling to Redmond to our campus for different things and haven't been enough at my home base in TX to dedicate enough time to our blog. I hope you have enjoyed the posts from Robert Dorr. He works pretty closely with Slava Oks and members of the SQLOS development team so I'm sure you will always find his posts very informative and detailed.

I enjoyed meeting many of you who attended PASS in November. PSS had the largest contingent we have ever had a PASS Summit and I hope it showed. I received great feedback during the conference on our pre-conference seminars, main conference talks, and our PSS Service Center (BTW. I'm still working on getting the Service Center files uploaded to the MS download center. At this point, it won't happen until Jan 2007). We are always looking to present at our talks information that will make you more productive. So I personally would love to hear from anyone who attended PASS and has ideas on what they would like to see PSS present. Reply to this blog or email me at

I personally enjoyed my presentation this year on Advanced Recovery.In the past I've focused on more high-level topics but this time PASS asked me to do something really "low-level". I just got back my surveys and the feedback was very positive. So I guess I'll stay with those "low-level" talks in the future. I realize for some of you attending the talk it may have seen "too advanced". Kalen Delaney in her talk called my presentation "an uber-geek talk" which I told her I considered a compliment<g>. So look for the uber-geek talk next year in Denver. If you did attend PASS, I've provided them all my demos and scripts so you should have access to them. I do plan to post more blogs in the new year that talk about some of the concepts I presented at PASS such as deferred transactions, stack dumps, and server crashes.

Next year's PASS is in Denver and our hope is that PSS will once again have the opportunity to present on troubleshooting and internal topics that interest you the most. Thanks again for your support of PASS and your kind feedback to our team at this year's conference.

Bob Ward, Microsoft