MSDN Radio: Exploring SharePoint and Silverlight

Today I recorded a MSDN Radio session talking about SharePoint and Silverlight. You can follow the link to the site and listen to the broadcast on-demand.

Event Overview

Microsoft Silverlight provides a great framework for building applications that provide rich user interaction and simplify the development model. Microsoft SharePoint is a content and collaboration engine that takes advantage of Silverlight in several ways. This week on MSDN Radio we sit down with Paul Stubbs, a SharePoint Architecture Evangelist, to explore ways that you can leverage these technologies to build great systems. MSDN Radio is a weekly Developer talk-show that helps answer your questions about the latest Microsoft news, solutions, and technologies. We dive into the challenges of deciphering today’s technology stack. Register today and have a chance to call-in and talk with the experts on the air, or just tune in to the show.