New on Channel 9: The SharePoint Sideshow

Today we are proud to launch a new show on Channel 9 called the SharePoint Sideshow. The show will discuss topics around SharePoint, Office and Information Worker Productivity. We will bring in experts from the Microsoft product team and others to deliver insider content for developers. This is a show for you in the SharePoint and Office community so we will deliver on topics that are top of mind at the time and try to help you navigate the vast amount of information out there in a concise and approachable format.


Episode 1: Introducing the SharePoint Sideshow

In the first episode we introduce the show and answer the question: What is Office and SharePoint development? Also in the show notes you will find links to all of the resources that we discuss on the show. We have a number of show ideas lined up. But if you have a cool demo or if there is someone you would like to hear from let us know and we will get them on the show.

You can also follow the show on Twitter @SPSideshow



Download the slides for episode 1