SharePoint 2010 and Windows Phone 7 Training Course

Today I am pleased to announce a new Training Course on MSDN for building Windows Phone 7 apps for SharePoint 2010. What started off as a simple blog post has grown into a full 2 day training course on MSDN. The course contains 10 training units and 25 Hands On Labs. You can view the course online at MSDN or download the offline training kit from Microsoft Download Center.

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Training Units

Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development

In this unit you will understand real world examples of connecting to and consuming information stored in SharePoint with custom applications that you write with Visual Studio on Windows Phone 7. With the introduction of Windows Phone 7, .Net developers have the tools and resources available to create, test, deploy and sell stunning applications using the same familiar tools that you have been using for years. You don’t need to learn a new language, you just need to learn how the platform works and start building applications in Silverlight or XNA Framework. We have a lot to teach you in this course, you will start by building the familiar “Hello World” application and then dive into connecting to SharePoint and building applications that can improve your business.

Setting Up A SharePoint and Windows Phone 7 Development Environment

Getting started developing Windows Phone 7 applications for SharePoint can be a little difficult. In this unit you will learn how to setup a developer environment and explore some of the options to consider. You will see how to setup and configure a development environment in both a physical and virtual environment.

SharePoint 2010 Mobile Web Development

SharePoint supports mobile views of sites, lists and libraries. Many modern mobile browsers do not need this support as they work well with SharePoint without the need for the mobility redirection. But there are scenarios where you want to provide the best app like experience. The end user experience is focused on collaboration with access to Lists and Libraries. The mobile viewers make it easier to users to view office documents on their mobile devices. If you are planning to use mobile Web Parts and Field Controls you need to plan for how the controls will render.

Integrating SharePoint Data in Windows Phone 7 Applications

Windows Phone 7 can integrate with SharePoint like any other remote application. In this unit you will learn how to access SharePoint List data, user profile data, and social data. You will understand how to use alerts, site data, and views.

Advanced SharePoint Data Access in Windows Phone 7 Applications

Accessing server data is one of the most important aspects of Phone 7 development. In this unit you will learn how to Create, Edit, Update, and Delete data. You will learn other advanced topics such as data paging and working with images from SharePoint.

Security With SharePoint And Windows Phone 7 Applications

Connecting to and consuming data from the SharePoint server can be challenging giving some of the security restrictions. In this unit you will learn about connecting to data both inside and outside of your corporate network. You will learn about some or the options using Forms Based Authentication (FBA) and Unified Access Gateway (UAG). You will also learn how the various security techniques affect your application design.

Integrating Push Notifications with SharePoint Data in Windows Phone 7 Applications

The Microsoft Push Notification Service in Windows Phone offers third-party developers a resilient, dedicated, and persistent channel to send data to a Windows Phone application from a web service in a power-efficient way. In this unit you will learn how create push notifications in SharePoint using event handlers.

Integrating SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure

Working in the cloud is becoming a major initiative for application development departments. Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud incorporating data and services. In this unit you will learn how to leverage SharePoint and Azure data and services in your Windows Phone 7 applications.

Deploying Windows Phone 7 Applications

Once you have completed your Windows Phone 7 application you will need to publish it to the Marketplace. In this unit you will learn how to avoid some common publishing mistakes. You will also see how to protect and secure your applications. You will also learn about a couple of techniques to make your applications private.

SharePoint and Windows Phone 7 Tips and Best Practices

Windows Phone 7 and SharePoint application enable you to create very powerful enterprise collaboration applications, but there are still advanced topics to master. In this unit you will learn how to optimize performance with large data sets. Learn how to look up a SharePoint user’s metadata. Learn how to read list schemas to create dynamic applications that do not require recompilation when a list schema changes. Understand how to implement a pure MVVM pattern. See how to use phone actions to integrate SharePoint data with phone functionality.


Download Training Kit

You can also download the training kit to view the labs offline. The offline kit also contains all of the PowerPoint presentations, Hands On Lab Word documents and all the source code. The kit will install to the C:LearnSPWP7 folder by default.


Getting Started

You can also watch the SharePoint Sideshow on Channel9 for more information about building a SharePoint development environment.

Developing Windows Phone 7 Apps for SharePoint 2010