For 2D Panel fans

SIDickDastardly has just posted about an amazing freeeware 2D Panel add-on called PanelMania that has:

1. Panels for all default FSX aircraft with fewer than 2 engines

2. A total of 24 new fullscreen panels (48 including night versions), ideal for use on a 2nd monitor or PC

3. Three additional standard 2D panels plus a minipanel for the P-51D Racer, which were missing from Acceleration

4. Fix for the "W" key issue

5. Total of 300 new or modified gauges

6. Over 70 bug-fixes and improvements to the default gauges (see the PanelManiaReadMe for more details).

7. Modified version of the GPS which displays the screen only (ideal for use on a small TFT).

8. Very simple installation process

9. All default panels remain accessible after PanelMania is installed

10. Once installed, the PanelMania fullscreen 5:4 panel for each aircraft can be displayed by pressing SHIFT+8, or SHIFT+9 for the 4:3 version. They can then be repositioned to any monitor you like

 This seems like a must-have for 2D Panel fans, check it out here.

And a big thanks to DD for such an amazing piece of work.