FSX:Responding to Community Feedback

Dear Readers ( especially AVSim Readers ),


I promised to return and discuss the result of our investigations after the Thanksgiving holiday.


As promised, we investigated issues pertaining to the product, and meticulously analyzed the results. We are in the process of creating a solution to address issues with the product. We will post further news when it becomes available.


As far as timing of this release, I can only say sometime after the 1st of the year, and by that I mean after January. While we can’t talk to specifics yet, hopefully we will be able to send an update on progress after the first of the year.


I apologize for not being able to give more details, but are taking your feedback with careful consideration and will continue to support the product and do the right thing for FSX and its community while living up to our future commitments.


One additional comment, this is not the DX10 update, that is later next year as a separate release.


Thanks for your time,



Senior PM, Graphics and Terrain

Aces Studio