Interesting geo-site,

that provides a great level of geo-location search. in the authors' own words:

" is a merge between Google Maps and Google Earth with, Wikipedia and Microsoft Flight Simulator databases.  The
GeoNames database contains over 8,000,000 geographical names
corresponding to over 6,500,000 unique features and
contains up to 230,000 articles.  With a special marker from Google
Maps (Magic Menu) you can drag it at a location in order to search
information about the region like the nearest Wikipedia articles,
airports, photos and local geographical features that you can export
towards Google Earth."

this site really makes world browsing for place names quite easy, and the linkage between that ability and ICAO designators ( which pop up in their own scrollbox ) makes airfield location a breeze. and that is just part of what it offers.

check it out.

update, here is a link to get you started.