SP1 Tips

Here are some general suggestions and a few tips I have gleaned from the forums.

General Performance

The goal of SP1 was:

· to increase performance 20-40%

· to enable FSX to take advantage of multi-core machines

· fix some other bugs

There was not a goal to make FSX playable with all sliders to maximum. Those settings likely aren’t going to be possible in all cases with current hw.

Ok, so what is possible? That is dependent on your specific config and your specific flying profile.

A technique to determine what is possible is as follows:

· Decide on a minimum frame rate, like 20.

· Lock FPS to that rate.

· Start with all sliders left, and slowly turn them up until you find a setting that makes you dip below your rate.

· Then back off and you are at the level of what your machine can handle.

In general, even with SP1, it’s still true that at max settings FSX throws more at the CPU and GPU than the hw can handle. As I said last November, that is the way we designed FSX. SP1 helps some yes. And the Penryn 45-nm processors this fall will give us another boost. The DX10 update might help a bit, as will 2nd generation DX10 cards. So more help is on the way. But, just as with FS9, in the 1st year expecting to run on max settings is still going to be problematic.


I would also suggest saving a couple of different settings, one for dense urban, one for mixed coastal urban, one for mostly flat rural, and one for mountainous rural. That lets you have settings that bias towards what is most important in what region instead of a "one size fits all approach".

Specific Issues

I can’t claim to have a suggestion for all the specific problems I have seen so far, but here are a couple of good ones for specific issues. Note - I can only claim that multiple users state these work, I haven’t tried all of them myself:

Crashes in atiumdag.dll on ATI?


Reports indicate that disabling Catalyst AI fixes this.

Stutters on nVidia


 dg on avsim reports indicate the following procedure greatly helps:

1. Update DirectX to the April 2007 release. The link is below.

April 2007 DirectX Link

2. Install updated drivers ( nVidia recently released the 158.22 nVidia Forceware drivers ) and we hear that a release in 2-3 weeks will fix the texture locking issue that the glass panel tweak addresses.

3. Delete your fsx.cfg and let FSX generate a new one.


Gary Summons reports that adding




To your fsx.cfg file reduces or eliminates the blurries especially with photo-scenery


Note: xxx is whatever your fsx.cfg shows for your graphics config.


I have seen people try values of 4-7 with varying success as well.


Thanks to weeniemcween on avsim.com, if this tweak induces shimmer in the trees, there are 2 things to try:

1) nhancer nvidia control panel, turn supersampling on ( ati must have an equivalent, I just dont know it )

2) if the 4x4 overdraw from 1 is killing your perf, try setting "Negative LOD BIAS" to "Clamp" rather than "Allow"