OK so I'm a big fat liar

All you lucky people in England have probably been hearing this on the radio for a while now, but I just got my little mitts on Miracles (that's a link to a 64k Windows Media stream), the new Pet Shop Boys single. If you must, you can get the sample in RealAudio or even watch the video here. Unfortunately the PSB site insists on using Flash, but I guess I can make an exception for them ;-)

If you're in the US, Amazon has the new Pop Art CD and DVD on pre-order... but be prepared to fork over the better part of a Benjamin if you want them both (and the new Miracle single Part 1 and Part 2). Interestingly, there is a French version of Pop Art that replaces New York City Boy with Paris City Boy...

At this very moment I'm listening to Bunkka... because I know you care ;-)