Strange Japanese Television Shows

I just finished my last blog entry, which prompted me to visit the PSB website to see what was new. Well whadayaknow, the video to their next killer single "Flamboyant" is on the website. But I'm not just gushing about the 'Boys in this blog entry -- the video is really cool!

A while ago a video of some Matrix-style ping pong players was doing the rounds on the internet, and apparently it comes from a Japanese TV show called Kaso Taisho (I don't read Japanese so that link may be bad...) Well, in the video there are clips of other crazy things happening on that TV show, such as people pretending to be billiard balls on a huge billiard table. So even if you can't stand the 'Boys (shame on you), turn off your sound card and watch the video. But give the music a chance -- it's one of their best "dance" singles in a long time! What a pity it didn't make it onto the Pop Art DVD :-(

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In other semi-related I have to get cable now?!?! (Horrible Flash-only site; my apologies). Maybe I can convince my friends to TiVo Astro Boy for me and then go watch it on the weekends... ;-)