Additional Purchases Accounts for Vendors in Dynamics GP

(Post Courtesy Sivakumar Venkataraman)

Sometimes, when we book invoices in payables, we might need to distribute the expenses into multiple GL accounts based on business requirements. In most of the situations, a specific purchases account gets defaulted from the vendor (or) from the company posting account setup and the users manually add additional expense lines in the distribution window at the time of transaction entry and apportion the expense to the various expense GL accounts.

This can be quickened, especially if we are able to identify the most common expense heads which get posted into at the time of the payables transaction. Once the accounts are defined, you can enter the various purchases accounts at the Vendor Account Maintenance window, by clicking on the clip_image001 button near the purchases account description as shown below.



When the button is clicked, the Additional Vendor Accounts window is opened where we can enter the additional purchases accounts needed. You can also define these additional purchases accounts at the vendor class level as well. We can also specify which accounts should default on the transaction distribution entry window as well. These additional accounts which have been marked to default will automatically display on the distribution entry window as shown below.


The amounts default to 0 for these lines. By default the entire expense amount gets defaulted under one specific purchases account. The user can apportion the amounts to these accounts if necessary (or) leave them as 0 and continue posting the invoice without apportioning. If we leave the additional purchases account as 0, the system ignores those lines during the posting process and only picks the accounts which have an amount associated to it.

This is really a time saving feature for many of the clients who may be doing this process manually day in and day out.