Announcing Three New EMS Security Consultations for Presales & Deployment Assistance

Overcome security challenges during any stage of your EMS Security projects through a suite of new technical consultations. Whether you are just getting started or need presales or deployment guidance for security scenarios, start leveraging the new technical consultations available as part of your MPN benefit.

EMS Security Starter Kit Consultation  (L100-200 – Cost 5 Partner Advisory Hours)
Kick start your Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) security practice by learning the fundamentals, configuration and set-up of EMS Security. In this one-on-one consultation, you’ll receive personalized guidance and introductory training, helping you better sell and deploy EMS Security solutions. You’ll receive a detailed overview of EMS Security, and walk away understanding how to create an EMS security assessment.


EMS Security Presales Consultation  (L100-200 – No Cost)
Receive technical guidance as you design the security details for your customers solutions during this one-on-one consultation. Dive deeper into the functionality of EMS and learn how to prepare a security assessment as well as set-up and configure EMS Security. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to propose and plan the right customer solutions and mitigate potential issues along the way.


EMS Security Deployment Consultation  (L200 – Cost 5 Partner Advisory Hours)
Ensure a smooth cloud deployment with personalized EMS Security configuration, design and deployment guidance from a Microsoft expert. During this one-on-one consultation, we’ll help you successfully implement the proposed solution by reviewing technical blockers and teaching you best practices to follow. By preventing potential deployment issues and avoiding common implementation pitfalls, you’ll be able to reduce deployment timelines and keep your projects on track.

Jump start your mobility and security practice through remote, interactive trainings. Explore the full suite of MPN Technical Presales and Deployment services within the mobility and security tab at