Build Your Skills and Windows Store Apps Too

Hi Everyone.  We are excited to bring you the Windows Store Skill Builder Series.  This series is designed to help everyone build some more skills around Windows Store application development.  If you’ve never built an app, this is the place for you.  We’ll start with the basics and let you learn at your own pace.  We’ll throw in some hands on labs and give you the chance to build an app and add in features each step of the way.

There will be 4 levels of videos in this series.  We’ll start with the 4 part Beginner series and move on to Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert levels. 

If you want the full online course experience head on over to the Partner Learning Center (PLC).  If you want the quick version, then the YouTube post is for you.

Beginner Part 1

In this workshop you will learn some of the fundamental concepts that every Windows Store Application Developer should know. Including: The attributes of a great Windows Store application. The common Windows Store Application Development Terminology. Getting Started with your first Windows Store Apps. Characteristics of what makes a great Windows Store Application.

Partner Learning Center – full course.


Beginner Part 2

In part 2 you will learn about the available tools for building a Windows Store application. Including: Visual Studio 2012, Blend, Emulation, and Remote Application Debugging.

Partner Learning Center - full course.


Beginner Part 3

Part 3 will help you build your skills to use Visual Studio 2012 and the C# templates to start building a Windows Store application. In addition, you will see a demo of a sample application that you will begin building in the hands on labs in future installments of the Windows Store Application Development Skill Builder Series.

Partner Learning Center – full course


Beginner Part 4

Part 4 of this workshop will provide you with additional demos and hands on labs for building the Woodgrove Bank sample Application. Topics include: Customizing the App and Adding Data, Using Semantic Zoom, and Using the App Bar.

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In the intermediate courses we’ll cover Tiles, Live Tiles, Snapping, and Embedded Search.