Competing against Google for an Office 365 Deal?

imageOur Q2 FY14 Google compete campaign was built for Microsoft partners specifically targeting SMB customers. It provides targeted demand generation materials to help guide you in 1:1 conversations with customers who are either considering Google Apps for Business or who have recently purchased Google Apps and aren’t satisfied.​

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the needs of your customers – and we’ve built the Google compete campaign with that in mind.  This campaign provides marketing and readiness tools to help you start discussions with your SMB customers about the benefits of Office 365 when competing with Google Apps for Business.

This campaign is not intended to replace the campaigns material found in Office BEST for SMB or the Office Small Business Premium campaign – so continue using those as a supplement to your Google compete activity. The intention of this campaign is to highlight the multiple areas where Office 365 beats the competition – Google – and provide specific scenario examples for you to use when marketing and selling.

Campaign Includes:

  • Google Compete "Win-back Scenario" Emails
  • Google Compete "Consideration Scenario" Emails
  • Google Compete Sales Presentation
  • Google Compete Infographic
  • Google Compete Campaign Talking Points
  • Google Compete Campaign Guidance
  • Google Compete Leave-Behind

Access the materials on the Ready-to-Go Marketing Campaign site here: Office 365 Beats Google

If you have a Silver or Gold competency, make sure to take advantage of your Technical Presales Assistance benefit.  Partners who have attained a silver or gold competency receive unlimited presales advisory support for any deal worth US$3,000 or more. For deals worth less than US$3,000, you can access Technical Presales Assistance by phone (1-800-MPN-SOLV) using your allotted partner advisory hours or through the Partner Support Community.

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Examples of services
  • Competitive assistance
  • Feature overview and comparison guidance
  • Request for proposal (RFP) questions
  • Business value proposition
  • Proof-of-concept guidance
  • Technical licensing recommendations