Define best practices for end users to meet compliance

Do you need resources for researching regulations and guidance for addressing the complexity of data privacy and protection? In this technical webinar, available to you as a Partner Network member at no cost, you will explore Microsoft’s approach to tracking and responding to data privacy and data protection regulations. Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Starter Kit Consultation (cost: 5 partner advisory hours) Interested in planning offerings for Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance? Security and Compliance is a 3 prone approach – Microsoft as a platform provider has certain responsibilities, you as a partner have certain responsibilities and your customer as end users have responsibilities too to ensure data is secure and regulatory compliance is met. During this remote one-to-one consultation, you’ll receive personalized guidance for envisioning all the practice opportunities available. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to determine which solutions are best suited for your customers business model, addressing security and compliance to regulatory requirements. Microsoft 365 Information Protection Presales Consultation (cost: 5 partner advisory hours for Action Pack partners, Silver and Gold partners no cost) - Uncover opportunities through information protection assessments and planning services for Microsoft 365 pre-sales conversations. Explore how to help your customers employ tools that will better protect their business data, guard against accidental sharing of sensitive information, protect data in cloud applications, and improve compliance. Microsoft 365 Information Protection Deployment Consultation (cost: 5 partner advisory hours) - Define best practices and develop a process for deploying Information Protection solutions with a Microsoft 365 expert. Go deeper into how individual Microsoft 365 security products and services can be landed in your customer’s environment, including: Azure Information Protection, Office 365 Advanced Data Governance, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention, Windows Information Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Office 365 Cloud App Security, and Microsoft Intune. You’ll learn how to convert license sales to deployed products, ensuring renewals and continued revenue.

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