Increase efficiency and productivity with Azure services

Stay up to date and utilize the latest developments in Azure services. In these technical webinars, available to you as a Partner Network member at no cost, you will receive marketing and business news, plus migration and deployment how-to.

Introduction to Azure IaaS – Discover how SMBs can utilize Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing IT operating expenses (OpEx) by implementing cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios. Taking advantage of Azure’s scale and consumption-based billing, SMBs can leverage services that would normally be far beyond their means to implement. With Azure, you have the ability to expand your role as a service provider and business advisory. Learn how these powerful tools can help you broaden your customer base and service offerings, grow revenues, increase margins, and accelerate your speed to market. ​

Technical Deep Dive on Migrating Applications to Azure – Learn how to streamline your app hosting and deployment processes using Microsoft Azure web workloads and understand the migration paths that apply to your application. Our Microsoft technical experts will teach you how to migrate existing business applications as well as test the Azure environment by activating your internal-use rights (IUR) benefits. You’ll discover how to leverage Azure Virtual Machines, Azure App Service, Containers in Azure, Azure Active Directory, Cosmos DB and Azure SQL database to streamline deployment processes and quickly respond to your customers' needs.​

​This course is organized in 4 different 2-3-hour sessions, each consumable individually or together, depending on your needs. By attending the sessions within this technical training webcast, you will learn: ​

  • How to plan and migrate an application to Azure​
  • How to streamline the application deployment processes​
  • About IUR benefits and how they can impact your planning and deployment​

What’s New in Azure Infrastructure as a Service – As the Microsoft Azure platform continues to rapidly evolve, we’ve designed this technical training webcast series to help MPN partners remain up-to-date on the latest developments in Azure services. You’ll receive important news and updates regarding new service availability, feature updates or releases in Azure. The information presented will be mostly technical in nature, but occasionally our Microsoft technical experts will provide marketing and business news that is of interest to partners building a cloud practice. During this webcast you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback regarding Azure. ​

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