Learn How to Start Developing Apps on Office 365 with a New Technical Journey

We are pleased to introduce a new technical journey for Office 365 App Development to Microsoft Partner Network partners, providing you with a suite of technical services as you plan, build, and operate apps on Office 365. Included in this new technical journey is a mix of one-on-one consultations, technical training webcasts, and chat options, specifically designed to help accelerate your path to app certification.

Start Your Office 365 AppDev Technical Journey Today at https://aka.ms/AppDevOffice365 


This technical journey launch includes the expansion of Dev Chat to Office 365 app development as well. Dev Chat is the unique experience that allows you to chat with Microsoft engineer live and receive quick technical needed to help successfully build apps.

And if you’re interested in building Office 365 apps on Azure, we have a technical journey for that too! Launch your Office 365 application development environment utilizing Microsoft’s trusted cloud solution Azure Services. Learn how to utilize Azure developer tools and how Azure supports the broadest selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. Start developing apps on Azure today at https://aka.ms/AppDevAzure.