Office 365 ProPlus Deployment for IT Pros

If you are planning a rollout of Office 365 ProPlus (the client bits), make sure to head on over to Microsoft Virtual Academy to watch the Office 365 ProPlus Deployment for IT Pros Jump Start.

The goal of this course is for the audience to learn about the IT Pro deployment features of Office 365 ProPlus, such as licensing and activation, Click-to-Run, Office Telemetry, and building App-V packages. Join us as we deliver demo-rich sessions that discuss these topics, first as an overview and then more in depth. Come hear how these new IT investments make upgrading Office a lot easier, faster, and economical.

The presenters have a wealth of knowledge. Curtis Sawin is a Technology Solutions Professional specializing in Office Compatibility and Office Deployment for Microsoft, while Dean Yamada is a Senior Premier Field Engineer, specializing in proactive deliveries of Office Premier Workshops and onsite Office Setup, Deployment and Migration advisories.


Modules include:

01 | Office 365 ProPlus Identity, Licensing, and Activation
An overview of the identity, licensing, and activation requirements of Office 365 ProPlus

02 | Office Telemetry Overview
Introduces Office Telemetry, what Telemetry can do for you, and details all the Office Telemetry components

03 | Advanced Telemetry
In-depth about the Office Telemetry infrastructure, capacity planning, performance, and the Telemetry Dashboard Administration Tool

04 | Telemetry Custom Reporting
Examples of how to mine data from the Office Telemetry database, and a behind-the-scenes look at custom reporting

05 | Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run Deployment Overview
Introduces Microsoft’s new streaming and virtualization technology, Click-to-Run, which is used to deploy Office 365 ProPlus

06 | Click-to-Run Deep Dive
Internals of how Click-to-Run works, and real world tips and tricks that will enable you to successfully deploy Office 365 ProPlus

07 | Office and App-V
Office 365 ProPlus and App-V work together, discussing the advantages of this approach, and demonstrating how it works