PROMOTION EXTENDED: Build and deploy apps faster

Take advantage of the no cost/unlimited access* promo, valid NOW THROUGH JUNE 30, 2019. The following technical consultations are included in the promotion:

Starter Kit Consultation for Cloud Application Development - Envision new Cloud Applications with specific planning guidance for common Azure scenarios to help you build a proof of concept to develop mobile apps that can scale. Engage with Microsoft experts to help build your envisioned app from start to finish using Azure, Microsoft’s cloud services platform. You’ll gain an understanding of cost estimation for your app, reference architecture documentation and sample application builds. 

Architecture Consultation for Cloud Applications - Further develop your custom-built application by receiving guidance to ensure your app will avoid common product support issues. Engage with Microsoft experts to receive the necessary guidance and application building best practices to ensure your application is scalable and reliable for your customers and receive direction on identifying common product support issues to ensure the quality of your design and implementation of Azure services.

Microsoft Marketplaces Consultation  - Generate new revenue streams by understanding the monetization, technical requirements and steps required to publish and monetize your application on Microsoft marketplaces. During this personalized one-to-one consultation, a Microsoft expert will provide you with an overview of marketplaces and make custom recommendations. You will receive architecture guidance for successfully publishing your application on the marketplace as well as best practices to avoid common pitfalls as you scale your customer base.  

*Available to partners within the Microsoft Partner Network (Network, Action Pack, Silver and Gold)

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