Rapidly enhance your Azure IaaS and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure technical knowledge

Are you ready to broaden your customer base and help customers achieve cost reduction? In joining these technical webinars, available to you as a Partner Network member at no cost, you will better understand how to communicate key concepts for Microsoft Azure IaaS and discover the new capabilities of Windows Server 2016. Introduction to Azure IaaS - Discover how SMBs can utilize Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing IT operating expenses (OpEx) by implementing cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios. Taking advantage of Azure’s scale and consumption-based billing, SMBs can leverage services that would normally be far beyond their means to implement. With Azure, you have the ability to expand your role as a service provider and business advisory. Learn how these powerful tools can help you broaden your customer base and service offerings, grow revenues, increase margins, and accelerate your speed to market.

Technical Deep Dive on Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure - Discover how Windows Server 2016 delivers new layers of security to help protect your customer’s datacenters from new and emerging threats. Receive expert-driven guidance on how the software defined datacenter components found in Azure can help customers achieve cost reduction, while still achieving high standards for performance. Understand the new capabilities available on Windows Server to support traditional and born-in-the cloud applications with Containers and Nano Server.

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