Windows Azure Web Sites - Deep Dive Jump Start

Website developers, here's your chance to learn how you can use Windows Azure to develop, deploy, and scale your large-scale web apps in a matter of minutes. If you're new to Windows Azure, this is a good starting point for finding out how it can help you save on time and resources, integrate with Office 365 and Elastic Search, and broaden your audience. Experienced users, this is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the product and to find out about new features, such as the website capability model and the storage object distribution pattern. You'll find out what you need to know from the people who developed the features.


Course Outline:

  • Web Sites Overview
  • Development Tools
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Scaling and Configuration
  • Go-Live Checklist
  • Case Studies—Music Store and
  • Lightning Round

Instructor Team:

​James Chambers | Microsoft ASP.NET/IIS MVP | @CanadianJames

James Chambers is a speaker, author, and senior software developer in Canada. As a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET/IIS, James' development passions are fueled by new technology, new tools, and mentoring others. Follow his coding adventures and other exploits at

Tejaswi Redkar | Microsoft ​Director, Business Programs | @tejaswiredkar

Tejaswi Redkar is the Director of Application Platform Technical Communities at Microsoft, which covers a broad range of Microsoft technologies from user experience to business analytics. He has been working on the Windows Azure platform since its early days and is the author of Windows Azure Platform and several other books. His team has built more than 100 solutions on Windows Azure for Enterprises and ISVs. He is also the creator of and You can find more details about him on his blog.