My reading for Engineering System and Continuous Delivery

   Below is the list of talks which in my reading list for Engineering System and Continuous Delivery

Jason Toy talks about the evolution and history of LinkedIn's release strategy. Jason
Toy drives the direction for build automation at LinkedIn, focusing on the
commit to release pipeline with the ultimate goal of allowing developers to
move code from dev to prod in 30 minutes.


Sam Newman, Zhamak Dehghani make an introduction to microservice architectures,
explaining why they are ideal for organizations that want to optimize for fast
speed of change.


Hans Dockter presents an in-depth treatment of build systems concepts. Hans Dockter
is the founder of Gradle and Gradleware. He is a thought leader in the field of
project automation and has successfully been in charge of numerous large-scale
enterprise builds


Sid Anand discusses the architectural and development practices adopted by LinkedIn
as a continuous growing company.


Chuck Rossi unveils some of the tools and processes used by Facebook for pushing new
updates every day.


Sponsored by Twilio. Matt Makai explores why deployments are difficult and shows
solutions with case studies on how other organizations cut their production
deployment times down from months to hours.


Lisa Van Gelder provides simple tips and tricks for improving delivery without
investing lots of time up front creating complex deployment frameworks.


Jimmy Bogard takes a look at how Octopus enables continuous delivery and what it
offers over standard tooling.  Jimmy Bogard has delivered solutions ranging from shrink–wrapped products to
enterprise e–commerce applications for Fortune 100 customers. Jimmy is a member
of the ASPInsiders group, the C# Insiders group, and received the MVP award for
ASP.NET in 2009-2013. Jimmy is also the creator and lead developer of the
popular OSS library AutoMapper.


Dianne Marsh presents the open source tools used by Netflix to keep the continuous
delivery wheels spinning. Dianne Marsh is a Director of Engineering for Netflix in Los Gatos, CA, where she
leads a team responsible for tools and systems used by nearly all engineers in
the company for continuous integration, delivery and deployment to the AWS


Daniel Schauenberg provides insights into how Etsy develops software and what tools
and processes they utilize to help them achieve their goals.


Sergejus Barinovas discusses the challenges, failures and actual steps required to move
an organization to continuous delivery and as follows - continuous happiness.