You know that the DeepZoom tech provided in Silverlight 2.0 is very cool. And can you image combining the DeepZoom with Microsoft VirtualEarth?

The answer is DeepEarth.

“ DeepEarth is a mapping control powered by the combination of Microsoft’s Silverlight 2.0 platform and the DeepZoom (MuliScaleImage) control. At its core, it builds on these innovative technologies to provide an architecture for bringing together layers for services, data providers, and your own custom mapping elements together into an impressive user experience. Also featured are in depth examples of how you can leverage Virtual Earth Web Services to take advantage of advanced GIS service functionality. This is what you need to get an interactive, native Silverlight 2.0, map into your application today.”

Read the article at InfoQ, click here

The project home is at

And you can view the example at

In this online demo, I think the control on the top-left corner is cool.