A really useful Visual Studio Extension - Power Commands

We just released probably one of our most useful extensions - Power Commands for Visual Studio 2008.  This one's been in the works for a few weeks and Ken's done a great job blogging about it on our team blog: https://blogs.msdn.com/vsxteam/archive/2008/02/29/PowerCommands-for-Visual-Studio-2008-released.aspx

If you ever wished you could click on a file and open a command prompt to it, clear your recent files list, or close all open documents at once, then you need to check out the Power Commands for VS 2008 :)

It's now published on the new Visual Studio Gallery.  After the "Heroes Happen Here" launch on Wednesday, the community added another 100 extensions.

Amazing, after only a few weeks in Beta and a few days of officially being announced, the gallery has over 400 extensions!