Good Luck Ken!

Our VSX community PM, Ken Levy has decided to leave the castle walls at Microsoft and start his own consulting business.

I've only been on the team for half a year but during the few times I worked with Ken, I was amazed how charsimatic he was and his ability to just get up in front of a crowd of people and convince them how cool extending VS is.

Ken's Texas Hold'em skills need improving though so hopefully he'll be practicing that during his downtime :)

For those interested in following his adventures post Microsoft, Ken's new blog is at

With Ken leaving, we now have an open community program manager position available.  We also have QA positions open as well.  If you're interested in being a community PM or a software deisgn engineer in test on the Visual Studio Extensibility team, let me know! :)

Anyways, congrats Ken and best wishes on your new adventure.  Hopefully we'll see you at the VSX Conference this fall.