Tech Ed Chalk Talk

It's been a busy week. My chalk talk is in less than two weeks (or a fort night as Gareth would say) and I haven't had much time to work on the materials that I'll be presenting.

I was definately feeling a little antsy about it but finally spent the afternoon running through what I'll talk about.

For those going to Tech Ed, hopefully you'll be able to attend my chalk talk.  It's at 10:00am on Thursday June 5th in one of the rooms near the booths.  I'm not sure which room yet but it should be printed on the Tech Ed schedule that you'll get when you check in.

I've decided to focus the entire 75 minutes on just the Shell.  It'll actually be more like a 60 minute talk with a lot of time for questions.

Here's a quick outline:

  • Talk a little about the shell, and how it plays with the other VS SKUs 
  • Show the Storyboard Designer
  • Create an Isolated Shell
  • Customize the Shell
    • Change icon, splash screen
    • Remove unwanted menus
    • Unregister unnecessary packages
    • Create a help/about box
  • Add the Storyboard Designer package to the Isolated Shell
  • Build a setup MSI for the product
  • Quick chat about licensing
  • Questions

Chalk Talks are suppose to be more informal and no power point slides.  I'm going to break the rules and have a couple of slides to help visualize what I'll be talking about.

Hope to see you there.