Visual Studio 2008 Extensibility known issues document has been updated

We're trying something new.  When we shipped Visual Studio 2008 and the Visual Studio 2008 SDK, they both came with a readme/known issues document for known problems that we didn't get a chance to fix in that release.  These generally were deployment type problems, corner case scenarios at runtime, etc.   For most of them, we also have trivial work arounds which were documented. 

Known issues continue to pile up as we work on fixing issues with the VS 2008 SDK through QFEs.  Since not everyone is going to get the hotfix immediately, we need to continue updating the known issues document.

Instead of posting the known issues document on, we're going to post the updated known issues on our team blog at  The first updated known issues doc is at

Our goal is to keep that updated as often as we can.  Since we own that page and the contents, it'll make it easier to publish updates to the community on a regular cadence.  Plus since it's on our blog, we're hoping the search engines out there can easily find and index the issues inside the blog post.

If you run into issues while building your Visual Studio Extension, check out the known issues document and hopefully the workaround will be documented in there.