Visual Studio 2010 SDK Beta 1 installer crashes when I click on "Next"

I updated our Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 SDK readme a few days ago but I wanted to call this out in case someone else ran into this and needed a workaround.


When I try installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 SDK, it crashes when I click Next during the setup process.


This is a tad embarassing.  When we cleaned up our installer from Visual Studio 2008 SDK SP1, we removed some strings related to blocking the SP1 install if the RTM SDK was present.  The problem is we didn't remove the check itself.  If you have the VS 2008 SDK RTM and then try installing the 2010 Beta 1 SDK, one of our checks fire and then tries to get the help text to tell you to remove the older SDK.  Since we removed the string, the resource returned is null and the strng formatter chokes and throws an exception, causing the setup to crash.  We've gone ahead and fixed this but unfortunately, it was found after we released the Beta 1 SDK.


The workaround is pretty simple and you have two options.

1) Uninstall the VS 2008 RTM SDK (and update to SP1)

2) Extract the setup exe and launch the MSI directly:

a) Extract the SDK package by typing:

      vssdk_full.exe /x

b) Enter a directory to extract the files to

c) Navigate to the directory

d) Launch the .MSI file