Visual Studio Gallery Updates

Our Visual Studio Gallery just got an update today with some small changes since our initial Beta 1 release a few weeks ago.

Steven Wilssens, our main PM working on the gallery sums up the changes below:

Feature Highlights

· Referrals Count – During our initial release we only counted the number of downloads for contributions with a payload. With this release we will be counting the number of click-throughs for projects with a referral link.

· Updated Details Page: Based on customer feedback we changed the layout of the details page.

· Support for integration with We added an xml files that allows to display the recently added, highest rated, and most active contributions on Visual Studio Gallery.

· Notifications - Users now receive a notification when someone gives a rating, starts or replies to a discussion thread for their project, etc.

· Performance Increase – The overall site performance has increased significantly with this release thanks to changes that are shared across the Expression Gallery, Visual Studio Gallery, and CodePlex sites.


We’re targeting a regular cadence of updates on the Gallery.  If you have any feedback for us, feel free to post them to our Gallery forum.

Congrats to the MSDN team for a smooth update earlier today and I’m really happy with the performance improvements!